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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Example Of Headings And Blockquote

Example Of Headings And Blockquote
OgbongeBlog template comes along with amazing headings styles. From the H1 to the H6, i have made them especially beautiful to suit your blog. Examples below

Example of H1

Example of H2

Example of H3

Example of Blockquote
This is  a blockquote style and hope you like the template and the style.
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Sleek Floating And Horizontal Share Buttons

Sharing every post on your blog has just been made easy with the integration of extremely fast and advanced share buttons created by Muhammed Mustafa. This template share buttons works pretty well with the counter and speed.

I use same buttons on my blog and it is called Jumbo share buttons with counter. Though beautiful and unique, it is very hard to integrate and this i have already done for you on this Ogbonge template.

The share buttons are of two types. The horizontal share buttons with counter and the floating vertical share buttons that slide along side your post as you scroll down or up.

Horizontal Share Button

Horizontal Share Buttons

Floating Verical Share Buttons

Sleek Floating And Horizontal Share Buttons

Available Buttons

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Google Plus
  7. Buffer
  8. Print
Enjoy the template and contact me for more support.
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Monday, 17 October 2016

Welcome To Ogbonge Blog Premium Blogger Template

Ogbonge Blog Premium Blogger Template
All thanks and credits to Jide Ogunsaya that has improved many young Nigerian bloggers in terms of designing and organising a blog. Jide being the first technology blogger I admire in Nigeria, I have decided to create a look alike of his popular blog.

This template only has the framework and colour coding of Ogbonge Blog, all other things which include gadgets and advanced SEO are the sole property of Obhiaba Blog. This template comes with great potentials and it is ready to make your blog stand out among others whether here in Nigeria or other countries.

Welcome to this amazing template and thanks for purchasing this premium version of Ogbonge Blog. Enjoy this theme and have fun blogging.

Congrats From Prince John Okosun - Admin Obhiabablog.blogspot.com

Contact: princejohnokosun@gmail.com
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hello Readers! Introducing Obhiaba Blog

Hello readers for the past few months i have been working on a new blog which i believe will serve you better than this one. The actual purpose for me moving to a new platform is not because i want to change my contents rather i have more plans to move higher by  creating responsive and better platform for you. In a few days i will be moving from Ohen's Crib to Obhiaba blog.
obhiaba blog

Obhiaba blog, has lots of contents for you to explore daily, it feature lots of celebrating articles, news, fashion, blogging, lifestyle articles. Just name it and all theses services you get for free with no hidden charges. Bugging ads are not featured so as to let you see the content itself.

I am sorry for the shift but i promise you that the move from here to the new platform, will improve our interaction and many other things you would love to know. This blog is still very functional, just a few daily in posting and in no time be sure to get the best from this platform. I love you all a lot and please bear  with me.

All already published articles and comments will be forwarded to the new site. visit now @ www.obhiabablog.blogspot.com
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Monday, 1 February 2016

Timaya Hangs Out With Pitbul In Trini

Singer Timaya popularly known all over the country and beyond, shares a photo of himself and a well known American rapper/singer Pitbul today and tags it as "Its late in the night here in Trini with Pitbul".

Timaya has done a hit track with an international artist, actually he is one of the first few singers that did feature a foreign act back then when he featured Sean Paul, so this bimps into our mind if he has any intentions of featuring Pitbul on his new album.

So many Nigerians applauded him on his recent single "I concur" and hopes are looking unto him for another fresh hit. So watch out for this man cause he has something coming.

View Instagram Post Below

A photo posted by timayatimaya (@timayatimaya) on

Need Help?

Drop your comments below on issues concerning this post, Timaya, Pitbul or any other post published on this blog. Be sure to get a reply in a jiffy. Sharing is caring so don't forget to clink on share!!
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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Uncle convicted of murder after giving his niece a gun which she used to kill a teen over a Facebook dispute

A 27-year-old man has been convicted of murder after he gave his 14-year-old niece a revolver, which she then used to kill another teenager over a Facebook dispute.
A jury found him guilty of murder in the killing of the teen girl rejecting a claim by his defense attorney that the man was only trying to protect his niece when he brought a revolver to the confrontation that ended with Endia Martin dead.

Donnell Flora, 27, was found guilty of first-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery charges in the death of 14-year-old Endia, who Cook County prosecutors say was shot by Flora's niece outside a home in Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood in April 2014.
 The defense rested Friday, with Flora testifying that he brought the gun to the confrontation but never intended for the weapon to end up in his niece's hands. The shooting suspect, whom the Tribune is not naming because she has been charged as a juvenile, is now 16 and has yet to stand trial.
In closing arguments Saturday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, prosecutors argued that had it not been for Flora, the .38-caliber revolver would have never arrived to the scene, and Endia would still be alive. He therefore had to be held accountable for his actions, said Assistant State's Attorney Barbara Bailey.
"Life is precious. No one knows that more than the family of Endia Martin. No one knows that more than the defendant," Bailey said.
Instead of protecting his niece from gun violence, Flora, who has used a wheelchair since a 2010 shooting left him paralyzed from the waist down, made her part of the cycle of violence, Bailey said.
"He became her provider — the provider of a handgun," Bailey said. "When there were about 1,000 other options that could've been taken by an adult, he chose to continue the cycle."

In arguing that Flora should be found not guilty, defense attorney Joel Brodsky brought up the role of self-defense in the case, claiming Flora's only intention in involving the gun in the confrontation was to protect his niece. Brodsky said the niece's rival, Lanekia Reynolds, who was also Endia's best friend and a witness to the killing who testified during the trial, had posted Facebook threats to Flora's niece.

"These were not mere threats," Brodsky said. "They were 'I'm going to kill you. I'm going to out you in the ground next to your dad.'"
Flora’s "only intent was to protect his niece," Brodsky said.
"It was not the brightest idea he ever had. But it doesn't change the fact that that was his intent."
But Assistant State's Attorney Athena Farmakis told jurors not to consider the self-defense argument because while Flora's niece had the revolver to the confrontation, Reynolds was armed with a chain with a lock.
"This, versus this?" Farmakis asked the jury, holding the lock in one hand and the revolver in the other. The lock couldn't possibly cause as much bodily harm as the gun, she said.
Endia's friends and family members were in court for the closing arguments, and sat still for the daylong proceedings, silently looking on.
The case went to the jury Saturday after hours of closing arguments, with jurors starting deliberations at 3:38 p.m. and coming back with their verdict just after 5:30 p.m.
After the verdict was read, as the jury left the room, Flora began rocking back and forth in his wheelchair and briefly put his head down.
Farmakis said her office was pleased with the verdict.
"We do believe that justice was done," Farmakis said.
After the verdict, Brodsky said he planned to appeal the jury's determination. He said he thinks "second-degree murder or child endangerment" would've been more appropriate for his client.
"It's a very difficult thing to see the body of a dead 14-year old girl ... and not want to make somebody have to pay for that," he said of the jury's decision.

Source: Chicago Tribune
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Davido To Give 2million To A Loyal Fan


The celebrity and endless cash making singer Davido who is also the crew boss at HKN, announced officially today on his twitter account, to give out two million naira cash to one of his most loyal fan. The issue of him selecting a person who is his loyal fan is yet to be decided neither is his method of getting the most loyal fan known.

Most times it favours those on the social media platform who spend all day tweeting and posting on their wall. The singer also announce to organize two parties on his arrival. Is he organizing it for his fans or for co-celebs that will still don't know. It is most presumed that all these are coming up because of his gigantic move recently towards Sony worth millions of dollars.


So to all davido's fans lighten up the fire and like the spirit of supporting charge up because you might just be the lucky winner of the 2 million cash.

Tweet Below 


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Want to win this great deal from davido? actually you can, all you need to do is become a fan, get addicted to this guy and post him always. Also drop comments below because he might just meet your comment and decide to pick you. Don't forget to share...

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Watch NOT YOUR FAMILY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 56)

Hahahaha.. In this FUNNY COMEDY SKIT, Emanuella takes it on with another kid. I don Laugh Tire oo

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Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Yvonne Nwosu recently launched her new diffusion label Vonne and now she’s finally released the lookbook for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Actually i could not get my eyes of this collection. The photos which entails the beautiful attire speaks for itself, you don't really need to use a lens before you see the well designed clothing. It's a total showcase of extreme fashion and love for beauty.

View the Vonne Ready-To-Wear S/S 2016 collection below;

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

Vonne Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Lookbook

 VONNE showroom is located at 23a Abbonta Close, off Bishop Oluwole street, Victoria Island, Lagos or visit www.shopvonne.com for more information.

Post Credits

Photography: Toyosi Kekere-Ekun (Instagram: @toyosikekereekun)Hair: Zubby (Instagram: @zubbydefinition)Makeup: Oluchi Onuigbo (Instagram: @oluchionuigbo)Models: Uju Marshall (Instagram: @_ujumarshall), MichellaMarkey (Instagram:@michellamarkey)Creative Director and Styling: Zed-Eye (Instagram: @zed_eye)
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The Making Of 'OSINACHI' Remix Video - Humblesmith Ft. Davido

The Making Of 'OSINACHI' Remix Video - Humblesmith Ft. Davido

Humblesmith premieres or shares the making of his hit song "Osinachi". The young talented star featured Davido, HKN baddest on his single's remix. Watch the video below and see how energetic these two youngsters are.

The Video is being directed by Clearance Peters and we are expecting a real cracker.

According to N-Tyce entertainment, the official video should be out on Monday so keep your eyes open for it.
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Wizkid, Patoranking and others sends Congratulatory Messages to Toolz and Tunde Demuren

Just wedded couple, Toolz and Tunde Demuren who finally tied the knots to eternal friendship, relationship and love gets lot of happy wishes and happy shares from friends and Nigerian artists.

Wizkid, Patoranking, Lil Kesh and others posted congratulatory messages to the new couple and we too here at Ohen's Crib, are also sending a wish well message to the couple. Long life, joy and happiness we wish them.

View some instagram photo caption below from a few popular Nigerian acts

Last Words:

Happiness is a feeling of the heart, wishing one well is a prayer of wishing yourself well. Don't fail to compose a congratulatory post below.
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Friday, 29 January 2016

So Why Do Women Have Sex? - Roseline Nya

I’m beginning to think that women enjoy playing the victim when it comes to their sexual interactions with men. ‘Oh, he lured me into having sex with him’, one says. ‘Oh, he said if I do it, he will do that’, another says. ‘Oh, he said he loves me’, yet another says’. I’m tired of hearing all these excuses from women! They sound childish and silly to me. I’ve only met a few women who have alluded to the fact that they have sex because they want to, and I admire them for it. But to the greater part of the population, why don’t you have sex because you want to and not because a man asked you to?”

He was a cute stranger I met at a Lounge on the day I embarked on a mission to understand men’s perspectives on the science of one night stand, which generally refers to a single string-less sex encounter.
The move itself was impelled by **Rachel – a young woman who had cried foul to us, after a man she had only just met talked her into having sex with him, there and then, only to walk away, change his phone number and never contact her.

Who was this man who could convince a girl he had only just met to have sex with him? What antics did he employ? What did he say to her, exactly? What did he offer her? These were some of the questions we sought answers to. Yet, as Rachel’s words built her story, our experienced nostrils caught a whiff of a one-night stand. But the wide-eyed Rachel had been dazzled to believe that her love had finally found her.

An investigation was initiated. How do women save themselves from falling into the trap of deceptive, one-night-stand-seeking charmers? With what do women identify them by? We set out to answer.

Different men with mad love for the women in their lives spoke differently but all pointed to the fact that outwardly, there was no marked difference between a man who is solely out to hump once and dump, and a man who is genuinely interested in getting to know a woman. They said either of the two motives required “influencing” the subject’s emotions toward welcoming one and accepting all that one comes with. Therefore, a woman wouldn’t know unless she’s told what is in the heart or “allowed” to study the relationship over a considerably long period.
That reinforced our support for holding off on sex until you are sure of his intentions.

Then I spoke with the cute stranger and he made that statement. His words rang loudly in my ears. They held seeds of truth in them. Of course it is my place to defend the womenfolk, since I am a woman, and defend I did. But all I said did not reduce the weight of his question, “Why don’t you have sex because you want to and not because he asked you to?” Or, in my own words, “Why don’t you have sex because you are horny or have the hots for the guy and not because of what he said, does or own?”
That way you will not feel exploited if the relationship leads nowhere.

Understandably, the fact that women’s sexuality is constantly under the biased scrutiny of the society makes forming “virtuosity” every woman’s job; because even after much clarification has been given on the subject, most people, including women, still see as contemptible, she who has sexual needs and in any manner or form pursue after satisfying them.

We’re even told that women need emotional connection to desire sex but that isn’t entirely true, because different women have different levels of sexual drive and different levels of sexual freedom, which is why some women are passive about sex, while some are very active in the confines of a serious relationship, while, yet, some others have no qualms about casual sex; even one night stands, which some others are crying to be victims of.

So, to all the Rachels out there, next time you want to have consensual sex with a man, do it because you’re horny, keen, and curious to explore your sexuality. Not because you hope or think that the sex will lead to anything other than an orgasm.

And if that man happens to be a stranger you just met, use protection, but I don’t have ANY advice on how to fight off an axe-wielding, blood-thirsty cannibal; if a one night stand turns out to be one.

Post Credit:

Roseline Nya. A Nigerian writer and Blogger, soon-to-be Author and a believer. She holds a B.sc in Industrial Relations and Personnel management, from Lagos State University. Story-telling is deeply ingrained in her cells and, literally, drips out of her pores. 

Photo Credit

Dreamstime; A place to upload and download various photos of any kind. As long as due credits is transferred to them.

Need Help?

Helping cribbers is what we do at Ohen's Crib. Should in case you need any help relating to this post or other posts you have read on this blog. Do drop a comment below or simply email us at our official blog email; princejohnokosun@gmail.com and be sure to get a reply in a jiffy.
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Beautiful Pregnancy Photoshoot Of Woman Expecting Quintuplets

Is't this adorable?, Normally i post just about Nigerian lifestyle and updates but today as i was having a nice internet walk through i found this miraculous did. It so shook and interested me that i just could not pass without sharing with my dear cribbers. 

Kimberly Tucci, is an Australian mother of two who had tried for 1 year to have another child. She got pregnant and visited the Doctors for a maternity check. When she got there, she got a huge surprise! She's having five babies at the same time!

Tucci wrote on her Facebook page, Surprised By Five:
“My suspicion of a possible multiple pregnancy grew due to the quick rise of the pregnancy hormone. I was excited at the possibility of twins but absolutely nothing on this earth could have prepared me for what happened next.” At her first ultrasound, the sonographer spotted multiple gestation sacks.
“The sonographer started to count ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE!” Tucci said. “Did I hear that correctly?? FIVE?? My legs start to shake uncontrollably and all I can do is laugh. The sonographer then told me the term for five is QUINTUPLETS!!”

There’s just a one in 55,000,000 chance of conceiving quintuplets naturally, which was happened in her case.

Tucci then called her husband, who quickly drove to the doctor’s office. She said:
“I could see the excitement in his face,” “He told me, ‘We can do this.’”
The couple are expecting four girls and one boy.

Clothes And Teddies For Quintuplets

Tucci’s pregnancy has been anything but easy but she says all five babies are healthy, and Tucci remains positive.


This post was originally posted on Linda Ikeji's blog and composing attribute is well directed to her. Photos are also part of the post which was copied and edited from her blog.


Congratulations to Tucci who has just been blessed with five and may she gain strength to push them down to earth and also take good care of them.
And to all married women reading this post right may her testimony bring abundant babies for you. Amen.
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Going Naked On Social Media - What's Your Take?

Trends, Latest and the new style is what the young teenagers all over the world now take as a study and living point. It might or might not be considered by humans that most of the actions taken has both its good and ugly side. Except one i guess, which is going naked on Social Media, i really don't see any thing good in it rather its all ugly. Why i said this, is my own take and i would love to hear your own take!!

Going Naked On Social Media - Whats Your Take?
Kim Kardashian Poses Naked To Celebrate Her 35th Birthday

Celebrities have deviated from what they do into what will improve their brand. A couple years back, a musician would get promoted through his/her music excellence but of recent, i think going naked is now the excellence point for them. (Don't violate your privacy just to get known). I still recall back when seeing a naked woman or man was irritating to the sight. Then girls would take their bath outside and all the boys would find somewhere to hide their faces. Is it still so?

We tend to follow what these anxious stars are doing to make money. It never really got nasty to me until i saw a picture of Kim Kardashian (a married woman with kids) showing of her breast and her husband just sitting and looking. I was wondering if nature and laws have changed, i was wondering if the right thing has now turned into the bad while the bad into right. It seems that we have forgotten that whatever goes up must surely come down and the further it goes the faster the speed of return.

Not just the white get involved in this, a rapper in Nigeria did it also. Shared some naked pictures on his social profile and got attention of bloggers including Linda Ikeji. How do we manage to look in the mirror and take our self a shot without clothes. Doesn't it make us fill exposed and stupid?. In Nigeria we have various religions, this made me wonder if any of the religions support it. I went into the Bible and search for any information about you going naked and i also asked colleagues who happen to be Muslims and none of them gave me a positive feedback.

So where is this idea coming from. Education enlightens us on being wise and conscious about everything we do. Back then when Nigerians lacked education and was ignorant about everything, we ended up as captives to co-humans. But that era is over, every average Nigerian can identify what is good from bad and what is wrong from right. So why do we still let this unhealthy western civilization affect our culture.

A girl who goes naked on social media, just as one did in the early hours of today, will definitely get quite a number of likes from friends, and also a few comments but dear, compare your worth to the value of the likes and comments? What do you gain, maybe its some bunch of losers calling you all sort of names while others are busy re-tweeting and sharing. Don't be the fraudster that play a trick on your own destiny.
Going Naked On Social Media - Whats Your Take?
Young Girl Poses Naked On Facebook Just to Get Likes

This is my take on Going Naked On Social Media. Its ugly, irritating and immoral regardless of whosoever is involved. You might be a celebrated star, a fashion model or social media user. Prostitution is prostitution and no matter the class, so also are you being stupid no matter who you are.

I have just said my take on it and if it violates your own, don't get offensive. We all have our own view of issues. This is why you should comment below and lets see what your take is!!


This post is dedicated to all internet user be male or female who have been abused by co media users in a way of posting naked photos of them selves showing either the breast section or the entire body. And also to those who are involved in this act, i think you should stop and place more value on your body.


The above article was personally composed and edited by John Okosun (The Blog Admin) and all credits goes to him for taking his time to compile this for internet users. The photos in this post are a bit discrete but due to the special editing, It is more conducive and photo credits goes to the blog admin for his special skills at designing. (Original photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Need Help?

Have you been involved in this act? and you wish to stop or you are having any issues with the above post?. Please do well to use the comment box so we can know how you feel and the precise way to interact with you and help you.
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Basket Mouth Live In Prague For His Uncensored Show

Basket Mouth Live In Prague For His Uncensored Show

Comedian Basket Mouth set to move to Prague for his Uncensored show. As he posted today, the event is set to hold 21st of February. So you out there, you better get read for basket mouth this coming February because he going to get you uncensored. lol. Watch out for this man guys...
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Adekunle Gold in Stylish New Photos

YBNL nation artiste, Adekunle Gold who recently won the Headies alternative song of the year award, has released new promo pictures to start off 2016. In the below placed pictures, he is clad in his beautifully designed trademark Adire outfits and he looks ready to make waves again this year.

The Urban Highlife artiste’s newest single “Pick Up” is still getting massive airplay on many platforms and he has hinted at releasing his debut album within the year.

See More Photos Below

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United Kingdom Ambassador to Nigeria Visits Emir of Kano

United Kingdom Ambassador to Nigeria Visits Emir of Kano

The United Kingdom ambassador to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright and other delegates paid a 2-day visit to Kano recently were they visited the Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II.

More Photos Below...

United Kingdom Ambassador to Nigeria Visits Emir of Kano

United Kingdom Ambassador to Nigeria Visits Emir of Kano

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